Feb 1, 2011

Sleep deprivation

Of course, I am not being different from other new moms. Except that I am sure other 5-month old babies already sleep through the night. My daughter and my older son slept through the night at 2-3 month-old, they enjoyed their day naps and understood really quick that being in their crib to sleep was the most natural thing. My new baby doesn't. He suffers from reflux so it's sometimes hard to see if he needs support and milk whenever the pain hits or if he's really addicted to my being at his side...or maybe both.
He's lucky I am not working anymore and trying to meet his needs.
Maybe I shouldn't, maybe I should try to let him cry out to sleep.
I always thought that babies need to trust you and feel confident.
So I co-sleep, breastfeed, carry and stay close to each of them until they feel confident enough to let go. Looks like my new baby boy is taking his time.

I got lots of comments from older moms around talking about "spoiling". I know the drill, I heard that before and I feel confident enough to "hold my position" but sometimes I have doubts...for no more than a minute. How could a 5-month old baby feel spoiled ? I hope he feels good knowing he can have me at his side whenever he needs me. My only doubt is "will I be able to make him feel confident enough soon" :)
PS While I am writing this post, he's sleeping in the living room (another form of spoiling I heard). A few months ago, he only slept in my arms.
PS2 The title was about me but the post about him !!

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