Jan 29, 2009

Sunday is "Nothing Day"

I feel better today. I am not sure if the virus escaped my body or if the homeopathy medecine I took yesterday did the work but I am ok...for the moment. BTW, if you feel like having the flu, take 20 drops of L52 5 to 8 times a day, it's yucky but it's working !

About Sunday, I always miss the stores open on Sunday. An American woman told me that we were lucky in Europe to have that rule so people have at least one day to take care of themself and/or their family. She said "they don't have anything to do so at least, they have a good time off". I like the convenience as much as I hate doing my grocery shopping on Saturdays.
Anyway, I switched operators for my cell phone to get a Blackberry and a decent calling plan to call the US and Europe. My current plan goes until January 31st with another operator. So I asked them to start my new plan on February 1st. Logical. "I am sorry, Madam, we cannot possibly do that, the 1st is a Sunday." So I told her "So what ? How about telling your programm I want the 1st and I'll be good". No, it's like I was being rude to her ! So I have to wait until Monday. Then she told that it wouldn't be at 0:00 but around 3:30pm. All I have to do is turn on my phone around that time and wait ! I love technology in France !
Like for the modem, the guy told me : "turn on your modem, set up all the wires and wait around 7 to 14 days to get connected to internet "!!!!! Holly Molly ! How come we cannot have everything in the next coming hour ? Why ? Does the modem need a 10-day warming up ? Do we suffer from a lack of technology ? Is this because there is not enough competition ?

Jan 28, 2009


My daughter and I are both sick. It looks like some kind of virus but it's weird because it lasts forever. In 4 weeks, we were sick 3-4 days each week except one. High fever (for her), fever symptoms and headaches for me.
Blood tests are fine and medical exams too so I guess we need rest, tylenol, vitamins and chicken soup !
So don't be surprised if I don't post for the moment.
I hope we'll feel better soon.

Jan 20, 2009


I am watching right now the live video of the inauguration (on Ya*hoo), it's GREAT !!

Jan 16, 2009

Pour La Belette Rouge !!

Take good care of you !

Talking about The President-elect...

...at the local branch of my bank today. Not a long talk but I wanted to mention it, especially to my American readers. I dropped by before school pick-up to deposit a check. That check had our address in the US so the person in the bank asked me if I lived in the US (I was almost going to tell her "no, actually, this is a fake address so we can bragg !!"). So she asked me right away, really curious to hear my answer : "So what do you think of Barack Obama being elected ?". I wasn't prepared to have a talk about it, having spent the last 10 minutes driving around the block to find a spot. For the first time since we moved back, I ended parking almost illegally, almost careless of the traffic, very Frenchy !! Anyway, I was caught by surprise. I just said "It's great, I am very happy". Do you know what she said ? "Me too, I am really happy that he was elected. He has a lot on his plate and I am afraid he won't be able to succeed on all the battle fields but he knows that. I am confident about him. Did you hear about his letter to his daughters ?"...
I was "bouche bee" as we say here (I used to say "J'etais scotchee").

Good news, my company exists legally and officially since Tuesday, I picked up the papers this morning. I have an interview on Tuesday to get financial guarantee and business insurance. I spent all day creating my business cards and brochure on the computer. It's funny but OMG, you should see the size of the pile of laundry waiting to be fold ! Not mentionning that my fridge is almost empty and that I didn't sat for more than half an hour this week !

There is a serious numbers of flu in the North and my son has 4 cases in his classroom today. I cross everything I can he won't get it !!
I'll keep you posted ! Enjoy your week-end.

Jan 9, 2009

Organic Food

What do you think ? What do you do ?

Jan 8, 2009

My Small Company

Well, it's almost official so it's time I talk about what kept me busy since December started.
I dropped off all my documents at that famous "guichet unique", one single-counter for setting up your company named "CFE (Centre de Formation des Entreprises)". I forgot how painful and stressful it could be going to an administration and hoping you haven't forgot anything. I was prepared but still...
I was like anxious when the women across the desk looked carefully at all my documents, comparing and reading while frowning her eyes. I was literally holding my breath. Then I thought, "something's missing, that can't be the end of the world"...except that I was freezing only by getting there. I was used to freeze in Boston for a few months every year but I guess the body gets used to warmth !! I couldn't imagine coming back for one paper...and there it was, she said there were 2 problems !
I was lucky with the first one, the "jurist of the house" was reachable (not mine, the CFE's), it was quickly solved. Besides, it shows I was right so that gave me a little confidence (not saying a little power !!). The second one was a mistake I made (by not double-checking a legal add I sent on Christmas week) but she still took all I brought saying my file was pending. It lasted around 10 minutes and it took me 1 hour to get there back and forth...Anyway, I am almost done now.

I just need to buy a laptop and a printer/fax machine/scanner, what I was going to do to today.
Then get my license as a real estate agent (still need to sign and gather lots of documents) but that's the last step.
Then, and that's the scary part, I am free to go...lucky me !!
The economic situation, even in France, is not at its very best. The first year I was out from "College", there was an economic crisis and it was really tough to get a job. I was supposed to work for a CPA to be able to do after a year my "3 year-internship" but couldn't.
We are protected in France and we don't realize that. We have insurance for all and preschools are free. We can also receive money just by having more than one kid and being a SAHM (not too much but still).
But it takes forever to set up a company and it can be very complicated if you don't know the legal part...
I can't stop comparing the US and France although I know it's not a healthy thing to do. I promise I'll do my best to be positive. I will try to infuse through my new job that customer attention and business-being-always-pro state of mind I appreciated so much there. That is how business have to be run. I believe in trying to change things around by starting little, one day at a time, being a role-model.
I have other battle-fields but that'll be a subject in a different post.
I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2009 be one of your best year, May 2009 bring joy and peace to your family and the friends you love.