Dec 1, 2010

Oh boy, it's been a while...!!

I'll just write a few lines. Baby is quiet on my laps but it usually doesn't last long ;-D
So since my last post in February (oh boy !!), we moved in our new house (April) and we had a beautiful baby (August). Then the kids changed school (September) and then me : I am looking for ideas for a new carreer from home. Being real estate agent was great but the timing wasn't good (real estate crisis) and this is not compatible with having a baby :-D
Anyway, I am enjoying him a lot but also trying to steal some me-time to think about a new project. It has to be something from home, flexible and without too much investment. I have a brand new sewing machine and a computer, I should find something interesting !!
Now that I posted, my next challenge will be reading my favorite blogs !
PS My son doesn't nap, except in the car, that's why it's a challenge !!

Feb 28, 2010

A bun in the oven !

That's why I was quite absent since Christmas, happily exhausted and completely freaking out !! Given my age....and the fact that I already have two kids...and working from home !
Last week, I tried to catch up with everything at home. Almost every single morning for 2 weeks, both kids have been coming to our bedroom on the morning complaining : "Mom, I don't have anymore socks/tee-shirt/pants in my drawer !".
I keep up with the grocery shopping, I keep up with nice meals (well, almost ! :-D ), I tried to keep up with a neat home and organized paperwork but I was completely late with laundry. Who knows why !
I have at least 3 explanations :
- I hate taking care of the laundry because it's a good example of never-ending chore : you wash, you dry, you fold, you wash again, you dry again, etc. It's like not as worse as ironing or cleaning the house but still...
- In winter, it means I have to put on my coat. My washer and dryer are in the garage who is not very well insulated. So that's a pain in the ass...
- I usually wait 2 or 3 loads before evacuating the laundry to our bedroom to fold night, in front of the TV but climbing on stairs is now tough for me (it gives me noisy breathing !) and at night, I feel asleep pretty early.
Anyway, besides being busy trying to keep up with everyday chores, I was worried about this pregnancy. I was worried about miscarriage in the first trimester and then about the blood work for down syndrom. Now that both things are behind us, I feel more relaxed...but still really really exhausted.
Luckily for once, work load has been really low so that's how I managed catching up with the rest.
The other great project, our house, is soon to be so this year will be full of happy memories. I made my husband promise that he will do like in the movies when couples get married and enter their new home !! :-D