Dec 1, 2010

Oh boy, it's been a while...!!

I'll just write a few lines. Baby is quiet on my laps but it usually doesn't last long ;-D
So since my last post in February (oh boy !!), we moved in our new house (April) and we had a beautiful baby (August). Then the kids changed school (September) and then me : I am looking for ideas for a new carreer from home. Being real estate agent was great but the timing wasn't good (real estate crisis) and this is not compatible with having a baby :-D
Anyway, I am enjoying him a lot but also trying to steal some me-time to think about a new project. It has to be something from home, flexible and without too much investment. I have a brand new sewing machine and a computer, I should find something interesting !!
Now that I posted, my next challenge will be reading my favorite blogs !
PS My son doesn't nap, except in the car, that's why it's a challenge !!

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