Feb 3, 2009

Still sick...

Unfortunately, I woke up quite sick on Monday morning and had to stay in bed all day because of a high fever. Today, I had millions things to do (like checking my bank account) so I was at my computer almost all day. I still feel bad. My body aches, I should be in bed and rest but I will rest with a peaceful mind now that I have balanced my account and after picking up the kids at school.
They stayed at after-school program. It's only 1 hour but it's still cool as I avoid all the crowd of moms and dads and kids and toddlers and babies and cars at usual pick-up time. At 8 euros an hour for both, it's same as hiring a bb sitter and the oldest get to make her homework with the teacher. Sounds a tiny advantage but when you are sick, looks great !

About my switching operators, it didn't work that good. All my calls are rerouted immediately to voicemail but I hope to get it work by tomorrow.

Except from that, nothing new on the small business side, I am waiting from papers from the bank to get another paper from another company to be able to get finally my license. Same old, same old...

I am looking forward to Valentine's day this year. I already planned a cool dinner at home.
It might help me forget I lost my beloved cat one year ago this same day but I am not sure...
Anyway, got to go pick up the groceries : I found a great service like a drive-in for grocery store, order online, pick up 1h30 after without leaving your car !!

I hope my friend Susan (www.updatesfromsusan.blogspot.com) is feeling better !
Speaking of being better, I'll have my daughter checked by her doctor tomorrow, she is still very pale. Wish us luck !