Mar 16, 2009

Mood of the day

My favorite (and my son's too !!).
Enjoy !!

Madagascar 2
envoyé par topparents

Mar 13, 2009

So Sorry

Dear readers,
I am so sorry I haven't posted (again !) in so many weeks.
February was a very busy month for me. I had to deal with my daughter and me being sick on and off (we had been struggling against one or many viruses), my company installation stuck by paperworks and people not doing their job and finally, my son's baptism at the beginning of March that really kept me running almost 24/7.
After so many things going on, I had some sort of breakdown. The one you usually have when you using 200% of yourself until the job gets done. You suddenly feel so exhausted that you realized you forgot yourself and need a huge amount of me time and rest.
I am finally back on tracks and hope it will stay like this !
I hope you are all ready to celebrate Spring !
See you soon !