Aug 24, 2009

Summer Time

Hello !
As you can guess, my new job took me way too much of my free time as I had to work also most of my evenings and very often half of my week-ends.
Anyway, I was lucky to get 2 clients as soon as I started and I enjoyed my first two months in the job.
Then I went away with my family and cat to Brittany (one day) on our way to the Alps. For once in a very long time, we took time to do everything : travel, lunches, dinners, naps, postcards and we did what we haven't done in years during Summer Time : nothing !
It was the very first time in 12 years that I didn't plan anything, no visits, no places to be, no museums, no nothing !
So besides the fact that the Alps were a great place to be during Summer, we came back home relaxed and all very happy of all the moments that we enjoyed being together !!