May 27, 2009

Unlucky day !!

Well, this time it was a pretty unlucky day. I would say like Sam that it is all a question of perspective but still....I felt unlucky !
First, I started my day with being 15 minutes late. When I am late for going outside on Wednesdays, it's always 15 minutes, I don't know why.
Then I couldn't use the "luckily-my-watch-is-15-minute-ahead" ("en avance", is that correct ?) because I had this kind of vehicule in my lane :
In the picture below, I am behind him :

Then I had to pick up someone in that kind of neighborhood : in the green zone.
If you notice, if you take the wrong street to enter the area, you are good to drive all your way down that street and try to find another one to go in. It took me two "enterings and outings" before finding my way ! And of course, the streets are as narrow as they can be in no U-turn possible !!
Agrandir le plan

After that, while my daughtre was opening a cabinet door, it almost felt on the floor. So we have now that :
Nice, isn't it ? And I can't get you pictures of my son's rash (he might have again the Fifth disease) or about the plate I accidentally dropped on the floor this morning or about the tiny wound my kitten got I don't know how....
So I guess I am done with luck cycles !! No "lucky day" tomorrow, just an ordinary day, pleaaaaaaase !!

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