May 7, 2009

Lucky Day !

Today, it was one of those day were I thought "Gosh, I am so lucky (something's must be wrong elsewhere in my life !!).
Everything I had to do went really smoothly and I might have 2 clients for my real estate business without looking for them. Like the rest, all happen without me looking for it. I do love this kind of day and already look forward for the next one !!

I left this morning for a doctor's appointment. For the first time in 2 years, I didn't forget to ask for a referral for a "phlebologue" (I would appreciate any comment that will give me the word in English !) and for what she told me, he looks like a great one !

After that, I went to a lab for some blood test and for the first time, I found a great spot (I unfortunately have a car too long for France narrow streets) in an always crowed area (Susan, if you read me, it was in le Croisé, remember last time I parked in Inno ? !!!).

The lab couldn't make the blood work before an hour so I went nearby to a small supermarket (Monoprix) where I had a sweater to return. I was going to have a quick look to men's clothes (I always like shopping for my hubby). I finally ended with clothes for the whole family, there was a huge sale (pretty amazing for France and that time of the year, merci la crise !). I even found a great bag I was looking for my work (not too serious but pratical to hold files and documents) 50% discounted (in the men section of course !) and a "cheche" like Katie Holmes in one of my magazines (I liked the style of it first and then, it's even more funny if it's on a magazine !).
I feel great when I buy exactly what I've looking for in weeks.

They had a good sandwich section so I had a quick lunch onsite. And I also like being able to do whatever I need without wasting time and gas ! They had also the most amazing chocolate cake, it was nice (I am a huge chocolate fan !).

With that in mind, I feel relaxed and when I met someone at Office Depot after my blood test, she might have felt it because we chatted and she asked me to find a house for her ! Yeah !

After that, I drove to some "jardinerie" with a pet section. I just had a kitten and needed to buy something to save my couch from her claws. It's called "arbre à chat" (cat tree ?). It's ususally quite expensive given the use and all the time not very stylish on the color choice. I know the concept of it is not stylish at all but it's much much more useful than it's bad looking.
Anyway, I was looking around for the second time of the week (couldn't convince myself to buy one the first time !) and bang, a promotion : 12 euros ! And not too ugly !

Then I rushed to my haircut appointment right before school pick-up. And there, I chatted with someone and find another potential client !!
At school, I also chatted with 2 moms I know and had useful informations I could have never gotten without their help ! Yeah again !

With all these nice things happening, I forgot to mention the "arbre à chat" had a defect and the tree wasn't inside the box but well, I went back and made a quick exchange.

So I do hope that as much I am kind of bragging with my luck, something really unluncky won't happen to me in the next couple of days !! In France, they have some sort of (bad mouth) quote that says "avoir une chance de cocu". Usually, it applies to men but.....
Whatever happens, I won't keep you posted on that subject !!!

I really like a lot the song below and today is a good day to post the video !!

Enjoy that long week-end !!

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