Apr 22, 2009

Spring is too much here !!

So my daughter and I are suffering from allergies : headaches, burning eyes, sniffing etc.
This is really the first time it's happening to them so it seems weird for me. I never never had that kind of reactions when I was a kid and half my life, I lived in the countryside : 7 years in the beautiful Alpes de Haute Provence. I remember going to the dentist in Manosque long long before it was included in Le Luberon.
Anyway, it's weird. I have been having migraines since Saturday. It kind of never stops...I am miserable. I will end up going to a doctor see what she could give me. I found a great GP recommanded by my neighbor. She doesn't give you a long prescription and can even give you no prescription at all !! And the best thing is that she won't give you any antibiotics until you really need them. It's a thousand miles from what I had when I was a kid. It's pretty refreshing.
You won't believe me but I do really miss my kids pediatrician. He's great, caring and one of the best doctor I ever met. Dr Yogman, if one day you read my blog : WE MISS YOU !!!
That doesn't mean I haven't found great doctors when we moved back but they are....French !
They don't include the kids in the process, especially the dentist. The kids are supposed to stay quiet, not to complain and cope with pain. Unbelievable !

The worst part, I guess, is going to the OBGYN. When she starts examining you underneath, you are simply naked and stay like that until she is done. I DON'T LIKE IT !!!!!

For X-rays, I remember in the US having a heavy lead-apron on me at the dentist. Here, any X-rays that's not too close to your belly doesn't give you the right to that protection. So now, I always tell them I might be pregnant.

Last example, we had to take my daughter to the lab for a blood work. The needle they used was supposed to be kid appropriate but she was crying the whole time the poor thing. And the worst is that the lab girls told me they used the same needles for babies ! The only solution they gave me was to stick a special patch on my daughter arm 1 hour before the blood work so she wont't feel any pain !!!!!!!

I know it's the way things are done here and nobobdy even asks questions or thinks there could be another way but I am convinced there is something to do here.
Like environmental stuff, you can start little and ask for things to change around you.
It might work, it might not work but it's worth trying. And I'll try !

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