Apr 2, 2009

Spring is here !

I really love love this time of the year where you can leave windows open in the morning and smell fresh nice air. Right now, I have quite a lot of birds singing, it's nice.
My daughter had to work recently on the theme of Spring and more specifically the transformation Spring brings to Mother Nature. So we went around in our backyard and in the neighbors' too and took some pics I am sharing with you today. We were "hunting" for sprouts (bourgeons ?) and I realized that grown-ups (and me first !) sometimes forget about simply looking around.

Besides that, we had again our virus attack at home (stomach bug this time !) so I got really late with paperworks and home/work organization. Twice, 2 weeks (2 different "teams"). Luckily, I wasn't hit both times but I keep my fingers and toes crossed !!!

I finally drop off the latest member of the family who was sick at school this morning so I am ready, not to work a lot but at least to catch up with everything. And you'd be happy to know that posting this message was second on my list ! Hope to come back later !
Enjoy Spring !!


Jennie said...

I was actually able to go outside and lie in the grass during my break today. It was so sunny and warm. I love spring!!

Marie said...

Lie in the grass in the sun ! It's my dream !!
Maybe I should try tomorrow during #2's nap !!
Thanks for stopping by Jennie !