Jan 16, 2009

Talking about The President-elect...

...at the local branch of my bank today. Not a long talk but I wanted to mention it, especially to my American readers. I dropped by before school pick-up to deposit a check. That check had our address in the US so the person in the bank asked me if I lived in the US (I was almost going to tell her "no, actually, this is a fake address so we can bragg !!"). So she asked me right away, really curious to hear my answer : "So what do you think of Barack Obama being elected ?". I wasn't prepared to have a talk about it, having spent the last 10 minutes driving around the block to find a spot. For the first time since we moved back, I ended parking almost illegally, almost careless of the traffic, very Frenchy !! Anyway, I was caught by surprise. I just said "It's great, I am very happy". Do you know what she said ? "Me too, I am really happy that he was elected. He has a lot on his plate and I am afraid he won't be able to succeed on all the battle fields but he knows that. I am confident about him. Did you hear about his letter to his daughters ?"...
I was "bouche bee" as we say here (I used to say "J'etais scotchee").

Good news, my company exists legally and officially since Tuesday, I picked up the papers this morning. I have an interview on Tuesday to get financial guarantee and business insurance. I spent all day creating my business cards and brochure on the computer. It's funny but OMG, you should see the size of the pile of laundry waiting to be fold ! Not mentionning that my fridge is almost empty and that I didn't sat for more than half an hour this week !

There is a serious numbers of flu in the North and my son has 4 cases in his classroom today. I cross everything I can he won't get it !!
I'll keep you posted ! Enjoy your week-end.

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