Jan 29, 2009

Sunday is "Nothing Day"

I feel better today. I am not sure if the virus escaped my body or if the homeopathy medecine I took yesterday did the work but I am ok...for the moment. BTW, if you feel like having the flu, take 20 drops of L52 5 to 8 times a day, it's yucky but it's working !

About Sunday, I always miss the stores open on Sunday. An American woman told me that we were lucky in Europe to have that rule so people have at least one day to take care of themself and/or their family. She said "they don't have anything to do so at least, they have a good time off". I like the convenience as much as I hate doing my grocery shopping on Saturdays.
Anyway, I switched operators for my cell phone to get a Blackberry and a decent calling plan to call the US and Europe. My current plan goes until January 31st with another operator. So I asked them to start my new plan on February 1st. Logical. "I am sorry, Madam, we cannot possibly do that, the 1st is a Sunday." So I told her "So what ? How about telling your programm I want the 1st and I'll be good". No, it's like I was being rude to her ! So I have to wait until Monday. Then she told that it wouldn't be at 0:00 but around 3:30pm. All I have to do is turn on my phone around that time and wait ! I love technology in France !
Like for the modem, the guy told me : "turn on your modem, set up all the wires and wait around 7 to 14 days to get connected to internet "!!!!! Holly Molly ! How come we cannot have everything in the next coming hour ? Why ? Does the modem need a 10-day warming up ? Do we suffer from a lack of technology ? Is this because there is not enough competition ?


Don Mills Diva said...

I didn't realize that the stores weren't open Sundays in Europe - we're so used to it here but I do think it kinda contributes to the feeling that there's no downtown...

Marie said...

And Europeans don't know that stores are opened on Sundays in the US and Canada !
There is always a downtown in France except on tiny tiny villages. You still have a post office or a bakery or a Coffee Place or a small village place. That's nice.
Thanks Diva for stopping by !