Dec 29, 2008

Later again...

I'll post later, certainly not before tomorrow. I checked my daughter's temp and it rised since my last post, 104F now ! I so hate that, I am always really really worried when she reaches that mark. So I'll be taking care of her a lot from now.
I'll try to read your blogs in the meantime if I can.


Leesa said...

Hello Marie,

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I agree with you about the marché de noël à Strasbourg. I haven't been to many in France - Just Paris and Strasbourg... but I MUST say that Strasbourg is a WONDERFUL and magical place to be around Christmas time... I REALLY love this town.. I think it's my fav. now in France... I could really enjoy living there if not for the wacky weather... I want to try to organize a "girl's trip" up there when the weather is warmer... Maybe you and Susan would like to join us... Susan from Texas (in Lille).. I'm assuming you know each other... if not in person, than by blogs.. Take good care and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Marie said...

Leesa, thanks for the offer ! Of course I know Susan. I met her trough her blog and I contacted her so we could meet in person.
Happy New Year !!

Don Mills Diva said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better and back to herself.

Happy New Year!

Marie said...

Dear Diva, thank you for stopping by ! Actually, she had a few good days and she started again (and me too) with high fever yesterday so I guess this time, we'll both see the doctor. I enjoy my time off by doing everything I usually don't do because of work and chores !! I'll read my readers blog ! That's a cool thing to do while sick at home !!

Marie said...

...and I forgot, Happy New Year to you too !